I feel so lucky I know Caitlin Kalafus

I worked at Guitar Center for a few years in 07-09…One of the coolest things I got working there was my friend Caitlin Janette Kalafus.

She is so talented that when she would sit behind a drumset in Guitar Center, the rest of the store would tip toe over to drums…. just to hear her play for maybe 9 seconds. I met her right away-she was like 14 I think and everyone would talk about her…we were fast friends. Right away I was like “What is it like to be you?!” I feel like over the years I’ve gotten to see an amazing person grow into a super ultra mega magic super hero of a lady…..A few times when I needed an opener I only wanted to play with her….The whole Kalufus family has so much talent its just unfair…

she also is equally amazing at songwriting and singing and playing any instrument

I love her

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Meredith DiMenna may not tell you about her other life…

you may not be aware of the awesomeness of CT musician Meredith DiMenna. I have known for like 15 years…but…She is actually a hot fat chick who raps about food and I bet you never knew



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Doctor Who video blog coming soon…

I am working on a list of all the Doctor Who stuff I need to blog about so I can do a video blog for my Whovian friends! Let me know is you have a question or topic you would like a devout and professional Whovian to address!

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2 years is a long time to not play

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First time I’ve played in 2 years

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