My guitar repair shop

Now Open!

Kari Bunn

Guitar Repair

Located above The Outer Space

295 Treadwell st. Hamden, CT


$20 Tune up!

Truss rod, intonation and string height

adjustment and set up

While you wait!

(about 15-30 minutes)

The Musician’s Special


Complete set-up of your instrument


Truss rod adjustment


string height

bridge and nut adjustment

fret leveling, crowning and polishing

cleaning of fretboard, electronics, all hardware and finish

and much more!

Come by and say “Hi!”

or call

(203) 257-2483

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I’m opening my own guitar repair shop!

and get this-it’s above The Outer Space in Hamden, CT! All hail Steve Rogers!


So, first things first…I need a good name! My dear friend Adam Eget came up with “Divine Hammer” ….(It’s the name of a Breeders song)….and it’s my fave so far…..

But since Steve first had The Space and then added The Outer Space as his second venue and then The Spaceland Ballroom is his third venue all in the same plaza/lot- it would be freakin sweet if I could put the word “space” in the name of my shop……….

So-first one to pick the best “space” themed guitar shop name will get their first guitar repair or set up for free!!!!!!

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We were in a cult disguised as a rehab/emotional growth school

What is CEDU?

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CEDU…part 3

There has been all this – “Things you might not know about me” on facebook….This post is for my fellow CEDU alumni who think we should look back at our 2 1/2 year stay there as a positive place and lucky to be a part of CEDU

A month after I got there my mother died in a car accident….

Pam Abel brought me into the oh so secret faculty room and sat me down and basically said – we just got a call from your dad and your mother is in a coma and will not live for more than 2 days…..

she then grabbed 2 amazing friends of mine named Amanda and Tina and brought me into a side room – after a whole life of horrible, horrible physical and mental abuse from my mother the first word that I thought after I heard Pam tell me my mom was dying was “good”

the next day Cathy Prins and I flew to NYC, went to my house in Connecticut…I was on full bans from my entire fucking family at my house (bans means that they dont exist to you..cant talk to them look at them be near them at all…you have to ignore them) and the next morning when we went to Yale New Haven Hospital so I could stand next to her for only 20 min and fly right back to CEDU…My whole family was at the hospital and Cathy made sure I didnt break bans at all…flew back to CEDU right after my 20 min…she died the day I was there…2 days later Cathy and I flew to Long Island (where she was from) stayed in a motel-went to the funeral home…down the hall to a church…short drive to the soon as the priest said amen…before she was even being lowered into the ground I was forced to let go of the only hand I held all day-my mom had a longtime boyfriend Joe Defeo who I was close with and was basically pushing Cathy Prins away while she kept on trying to break our hands away from each other……


The only special treatment I got after returning to CEDU was that I was allowed my guitar priveledge….and then got yelled at in raps for getting to play guitar…and then getting yelled at for only talking about my mom dying and not talking about why I was sent there…I still had all the same as my peer group in family comunications….

So yeah CEDU was a healthy loving special place for me to

-bunntown out

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“Good Stories”-a new section on

I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me that I need to write a book about my life and all the things I have done – so here is a start


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